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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1Do I need fishing license or fishing permits in Norway?
Sea fishing? You don’t need to purchase a permit for fishing in the sea in Norway. It’s free! However there is a limit on the fish you can export out Norway, 20 kg of filé per person.
2Do I need a boating license to run the boat in Norway?
All persons born on or after 1 January 1980 need a boating license in order to operate a recreational craft under Norwegian flag of more than 8 meters in length or with an engine with a greater effect than 25 HP. If you are born before 1980 you may operate a recreational craft of up to 15 meters without a boating license. You are nevertheless encouraged to take the boating exam as proof of the fact that you possess the necessary knowledge for safe operation at sea.
3What is the best period to come for the fishing holiday?
Magerøya is a unique place for deep sea fishing. The peak season is from March to end of October . In March- April the arctic cod comes to the fjords to spawn, the sea practically boils.
4How about the diesel for the boats?
The boats are fully filled up when you arrived and we are going to fill up the tanks at departure. The capacity of our boats is from 500 up to 800l. Average consumption per week is about 200-450. depending on the culture of the driving the boat as well as the traveled distance.
5How long time it will take to the best fishing spots?
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6Can we rent a skipper?
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7Do I need to bring with me bed sheets or towels?
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8Do you rent a fishing equipment?
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9Can we use the sauna or Grill House?
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10Can you arrange the transfer of our group from the Airport?
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11How are you different from other fishing camps?
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12Can we have alcohol on the boats?
Under Norwegian law it is not allowed to steer the boat if you have an alcohol content of more than 0.2% alcohol in the body. It is boat driver who is responsible for boat and crew. If you drive under influence of alcohol, you could lose your license for the car ... So think before you act .
13What is check out time?
The apartment, as well as the boat, are available from 15.00 the day of arrival and shall be returned at 18:00 (last evening before leave) The apartments must be vacated by 10.00
14What is the camp’s cancellation policy?
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